Direct Support Professional - St. Louis Metro – Jefferson County

Job Description
Direct Support Professional - St. Louis Metro – Jefferson County

Works with individuals to identify, locate and make accessible to individuals opportunities to achieve their personal outcomes and life styles in the areas of identity, autonomy, affiliation, attainment of services and goals, safety, rights, and health and wellness.

This list of essential functions is not intended to be limiting.  Sunnyhill, Inc. reserves the right to revise this job description as needed to comply with actual job requirements.

A. Provide consumer care and support in accordance with the Individualized Support Plans [ISP’s], Behavior Support Plans [BSP’s], staffing patterns, and budgets
B. Follow staff schedules, as assigned, in accordance with staffing patterns and budgets (i.e. overtime, accuracy, and completeness). Sunnyhill direct care employees must remain awake during all shifts, unless otherwise specified in the consumer’s plan.
C.This position may be full-time or part time. A full-time employee must work 40 hours per week. A part-time employee must commit to work a minimum of 15 hours per week.  A part-time employee can work up to 39 hours per week.  A part-time employee may temporarily be scheduled for 40 or more hours in a week.  This, however, does not change his/her status to full-time.
D.Provide temporary program coverage, as necessary, to ensure the safety of the individuals (weekend call-offs, emergency supervision needs, etc.) .
E. Participate in professional training and team meetings, as assigned by supervisors.
F. Communicate personal training needs and provide written requests for training to the assigned supervisor.
G.Communicate positively and effectively with other employees, supervisors, individual Guardian’s, Case Managers, and other treatment providers in the community.
H.Complete accurate and relevant log notes that address individuals’ personal outcomes.
I.  Complete and document emergency drills as scheduled.
J. Provide personal assistance in hygiene, toileting, bathing, eating and other activities of daily living as each individual needs it or as outlined in the individual ISP’s.
K. Review and sign all individual ISP’s, BSP’s, Monthly Nurse Summaries, and Addendums.
L. Adhere to all paperwork deadlines, as stipulated by supervisors.
M.    Adhere to procedures regarding requests for scheduled time off (two- week written notice) and requirement to call off for a shift four (4) hours prior to start of shift.
N.Adhere to the Chain of Command as posted in each home.
O.Follow cleaning and maintenance schedule to ensure home is well-kept.
P. Manage timely/accurate financial logs, bank statements, receipts, and check registers.  Ensure that funds/financial documentation remains secured safely in the home.
Q.Obtain approval for and schedule all outings in advance and document accordingly.
R. Monitor, document, and adhere to the nutritional/dietary needs of consumers.
S. Ensure that all individuals have the appropriate household and adaptive equipment available for use at all times and are in good working order.
T. Ensure that requests, for household and adaptive equipment and/or repair, are communicated to a supervisor (within 24 hours of noticing the need).
U.Transport individuals in personal and/or company vehicle as required/assigned by a supervisor (This will include obtaining a chauffeur’s license when working in a home with a company vehicle).
V. Communicate with the assigned supervisor and/or agency Nurse (immediately) when any unusual medical or behavioral incidents occur during the care of a consumer.
W.    Ensure that all individuals are free from abuse and neglect in the home and when out in the community.  Immediately report the suspicion of abuse and neglect to the assigned supervisor.
X. It is the responsibility of each employee to maintain current contact information with his/her supervisor.
Y. It is the responsibility of each employee to maintain current driver’s license and automobile insurance on file with the Human Resources Department.
Z. It is the responsibility of each employee to schedule and attend recertification training prior to the expiration date of the training.
AA.  All employees must respond in a timely manner to requests from management for appointments regarding disciplines, training, meetings, and/or investigations.
BB.  Represent Sunnyhill in a professional manner at all times.
CC.  Satisfactorily complete all other duties and special projects as assigned by supervisor.
The above statement reflects the general duties considered necessary to describe the principal functions of the job as identified and shall not be considered as a detailed description of all work requirements that may be inherent in the job.

Position Classifications:
1.   Non-Exempt
2.   Part- time (15-39 hours per week) 

1.   Telephone
2.   Copy Machine
3.   Fax/Copy Machine
4.   Computer
5.   Adaptive Equipment (specific to each consumer)

1.   High School Diploma or GED – 1 year Human Service field experience preferred
2.   Other requirements: Use of a personal motor vehicle, valid driver’s license, adequate auto insurance as defined by state law.  Acceptable police, DFS, and DMV record checks.  Must successfully complete all company provided training.

This position could work in any of the following environments;
1.         Office
2.         Clients’ home
3.         Medical Office buildings
4.         Other settings within the community
5.         May be required to travel
Protective Equipment Required: As required by task and procedure. 
Environmental Exposures:  May be required to walk outdoors in all seasons.  Occasional exposure to loud noises.

1.         Manual dexterity skills, including repetitive use of hands, fingers (and grasping)
2.         Able to stand, walk, and sit for up to four (4) hours at a time.
3.         Repetitive bending and reaching up to two (2) hours a day.
4.         Average vision/hearing.
5.         Able to lift 25 pounds from floor to waist.
This is not an employment contract.
This job description is not, nor is it intended to constitute a contract of employment between Sunnyhill and the employee engaged to perform the job described herein ("employee").  Sunnyhill reserves its full rights as the employer and the relationship between Sunnyhill and the employee is intended to be one of employment at will meaning that both Sunnyhill and the employee shall have the same right to terminate the employment relationship at any time, without prior notice, and either with or without cause.  Sunnyhill further reserves the right to amend all or any portion of this job description (including, but not limited to, the duties, responsibilities and requirements for the job) at any time and from time to time without prior notice to employee.
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